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About NJE

N. Jones Enterprise (NJE) is a professional writing company located in Northern Virginia. We are a team of writing consultants and coaches who cater to mid to large sized companies interested in developing original or customized written products designed for internal and external use.

N. Jones Enterprise was established in March 2014 and since its inception, we've built our business on a simple model: provide our customers with top quality;  let our customers refer others to us ; and maintain a network of people who know us and keep coming back. 

We provide services on a selective basis so that we may focus on providing personable service to our customers. It's a model that's worked for us since the beginning, and we're glad to pass on the benefits to you.

N. Jones Enterprise is dedicated to continuing our reputation for excellence and superior service. It's our top priority to be universally known as the highest quality writing company. We directly collaborate with clients and company experts to clearly write out their standards.

To do our jobs we use:
Dictations (Audio Recordings) & more
We take a blank sheet of paper or incomplete products and watch them morph into a written resource useful to the organization providing a sense of relief to those who finally accomplished a daunting task.

Our goal, along with providing deliverables of exceptional quality, is to ensure the message in everything we prepare is clearly articulated and understood by the recipient.

We create, develop, and/or publish original or customized:

Manuscripts (Books)
Training Manuals
Educational Materials
User Guides
Pocket Guides, Flip Books
Standard Operating Procedures & more
Info Cards, Brochures & Trifolds

N. Jones Enterprise also offers exclusive and nonexclusive license agreements and book ownership opportunities to companies interested in creating or utilizing a new or specific book manuscript that supports their goals, missions or endeavor.