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  1. 04 Sep, 2017
    God is Not Our Servant
    At times we tend to treat God like our servant. We flash our faith card before Him and then demand Him to go to His storage in heaven and supply us with the solutions to our requests. We bark away: God, Do… God, Go… God, I need… God, Fix… God, Turn…  There is no reverence for Him or regard for the powers underneath His Supremacy. We expect Him to move everything out of the way for us and we want everything He does for us done quickly, while we stand there and watch Him do it. Well,
  2. The Generational Seeds of Racism
    12 Jul, 2016
    The Generational Seeds of Racism
    It is a known understanding that racism has existed within our country for centuries. The fact that some people have experienced hardships greater than others because of their race is real. It is true; some unjust and hurtful deeds were blatant and some were hidden. However, if the forefathers of racism within our country perished hundreds of years ago then how does racism continue to exist? How is racism generational? How has it continued to exist generation after generation? Racism does not